Custom Computer Builds and Upgrades

Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case

If you are a big gaming fan then you want a PC that allows you to enjoy your games the way they are meant to be played - at their best! Or perhaps you need a Digital Audio Workstation or a Video Editing/3D Modelling Workstation with multiple displays and fast reliable storage.

We can custom build a PC to meet your requirements and budget and can advise you as to what hardware you might need such as Graphics cards, Monitors, Processors, Power supplies, RAM, Cases, Storage etc..

We don't try to oversell equipment to our customers - we try to suit the computer to the users needs based on their actual requirements and their budget rather than trying to sell them something they don't need.

If you would like to talk to us about building a PC for you please feel free to call us on 051 - 347298 or 087 7447391 or email us