Office or Home Computer and Network Setup

If you have more than one computer there are many benefits to setting up a network in your home or office:

  • By using a network you can maximise the usage of your Broadband Internet connection by making the same connection available to all the PCs in your network without having to pay for additional broadband subscriptions.
  • You can share valuable resources such as printers and scanners across your network . This means that all the computers on the network can use the one printer. You do not have to buy a seperate printer for each PC.
  • Important data can be stored in one central location so that it can be accessed and updated easily by staff. This makes the process of backing up your data (which is extremely important), a simple task.
  • Access to particular data can be restricted to only those members of staff who are supposed to have access, while still allowing other members of staff access to other resources.
  • You can enable your staff to access their computers remotely either from home or even when on holidays abroad via the Internet.
If you would like to setup a network in your office or home please feel free to call us. We would be happy to advise you as to your particular requirements. We can also supply and install all the neccessary equipment from the network components to the computers, printers, backup storage and any other equipment you may require.
For more information please feel free to call us on 051 - 347298 or 087 7447391 or email us