Collect & Return Computer Repair Service

We provide a "Collect & Return" repair service where we can collect your computer from your home or premises. We can then return it and set it back up for you again once it is repaired. A small additional charge may be required to cover the cost of collection and delivery.

We cover the southeastern counties of Ireland including: Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and East Cork.

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PC and Laptop Repairs

Whether it is a faulty hard drive, a broken laptop screen, faulty memory or maybe your PC is just running very slowly we can repair most makes of Personal computer, laptop and tablet.

We don't charge any fee to examine your computer and if we think we can fix it we will give you an estimated cost and let you decide whether you wish to go ahead with the repair.

Often the computer, laptop or tablet is physically fine but may have been infected by a virus or some other form of malware (malicious software) which can seriously hamper its ability to work correctly. Typically, viruses and other malware can cause your computer to run slowly, "freeze" or "lock up", and may also prevent you from accessing the Internet and email. 

We can remove the malware and restore your computer back to its former glory. We like to provide free advice to customers as to how to avoid running into problems with viruses in the future and can also show you how to keep your pc running smoothly and quickly with a few handy free apps.

We also supply batteries and power supplies for most makes of laptop as well as an extensive range of peripherals such as printers, scanners data projectors, routers and switches and we would be happy to show you how to use them as well.

Services include:

- Laptop Screen Replacement

- Laptop Keyboard Replacement

- Laptop Power Connector Replacement

- Virus Removal

- Computer Tune up (speed up your computer and get it working like new again)

- Replacement Batteries and Power Supplies

- Fixing Overheating problems due to dust buildup/faulty coolers 

- Data Backup

- Data Recovery

- PC and Laptop Upgrades e.g. Memory, Hard Disks, Graphics cards, Processors, Power Supplies

- Email

- WiFi

- Remote Technical Support

- One to one Training and Advice

Our prices are very competitive and range from from just €40 for more basic tasks to around €80 for a complete system re-format with data backup.

We cover the southeastern counties of Ireland including: Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and East Cork.

For more information please feel free to call us on 051 - 347298 or 087 7447391 or email us




Family Friendly Internet Access

with Cyberoam NetGenie - Home Wireless Router with Family Protection

NetGenie - Home Wireless Router with Family Protection
only €159 inclusive of VAT *

Now you can protect your family from the evils of Internet!
Your family requires protection from many kinds of Internet threats – Viruses, botnets, intruders, hackers and more. Parents struggle to protect their kids from harmful Internet content like pornography, violence, adult content, and more that may accidentally come their way while surfing the Internet. This problem multiplies as home users today connect to the Internet not just over desktop and laptop but also over Internet access devices like smartphones, tablets, other handheld devices, gaming consoles and more.

Read more: Family Friendly Internet Access

Network, Internet and Email Setup

We can help you to connect your PCs to the Internet and can provide the solution for you whether you just want to connect two computers in your home or five hundred PCs in your office.

We can help you to set up your email accounts on your PC, Laptop or your Phone.

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Classroom Computer Equipment

Computer ClassroomsWe provide all the computer equipment required for a modern computer classroom including:

  • The PCs themselves
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • All types of printers from laser printers to large format plotters to multi-function all-in-one devices
  • Scanners
  • Data Projectors and screens
  • Interactive White Boards
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Large LED/LCD Screens
  • Software packages such as Microsoft Office, Antivirus Software, Photoshop etc.
  • Switches
  • Comms Cabinets
  • Routers
  • Network Cabling and Wireless Access Points

We can also set up this equipment for you onsite and provide support and maintenance if required.

Having the latest computer equipment is only really useful if you know how to use it properly and we can provide onsite training to teaching staff to make them comfortable using new equipment if needed.

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Server Installation and Setup

Server Setup
If you are looking for a server based network we can provide you with Windows Server solutions and also provide you with the client PCs and their associated installation.








Office/Home Relocation

Office Relocation

If you are moving your business or home to a new location, we can help you to relocate your IT equipment by dismantling it, and then re-setting it up for you in your new premises. This can reduce down-time to a minimum to ensure you are back up and running again quickly.  We can also advise on things like the type of network cabling and infrastructure required at your new location and also liaise with electricians and other service providers.


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On-Site Services

As well as our collect and return service we also provide an on-site service. This can be essential when you need your computer equipment repaired on location or when you have computer equipment that requires installation and/or configuration.

If you suspect that you have a virus or malware problem we would recommend availing of our collect and return service as this would work out more cost effective. This is because it takes a considerable amount of time to remove a virus as it may require several scans using different removal software. When this is done in-house we can charge a much lower rate than when on-site.

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Internet Content Filtering

Internet Content Filtering

Certain types of web content may not be suitable for the work environment e.g. gambling, pornography, hate, racist etc. By using an active web content filtering system you can still provide Internet access to your staff whilst at the same time reducing the risk of their exposure to offensive content.

Certain web sites that may cause a lot of time wasting by staff or that cause a major drain on the speed of your Internet connection may also be blocked by this kind of system.

Another area where content filtering is important is the educational and domestic sector where young children may be exposed to content that is not suitable for their age group.

Both software and hardware options are available for content filtering depending on whether you just need to protect one PC or a thousand.

For the safe surfing in the home check out Cyberoam's Home Wireless Router with Family Protection.

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Printer and Scanner Setup

Both scanners and printers can be difficult to set up correctly for the inexperienced user. We can set them up for you and also make them available to many users in your home or office by sharing them out over your network (if you have one).

When you share a printer or scanner it can be used by many people at the same time from different computers, thereby maximising its usage. Most printers can be shared effectively by several users, whereas only some scanners can be shared out to other users on the network. If you have not yet bought this kind of equipment we can advise you as to the right type of equipment to suit your needs.

We advise people as to what we think they need - not what makes more profit for us.

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Computer and Peripheral Sales and Advice

Whether you need a single laptop or 100 PCs we can provide you with the hardware and peripherals that you require. We supply scanners, printers, projectors, servers, hard drives, memory and much much more. If we don't have it in stock we can try to source it for you.

We are authorised resellers for an extensive range of IT equipment from manufacturers including:

PC PRO Computers Dell
Toshiba Fujitsu-Siemens
Grisoft Edimax
HP Eset
Geniesoft Jaguar Systems
Brother Kroll Ontrack

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Virus and Spyware Removal

We specialise in the removal of viruses such as the now infamous "Garda Virus" and many other forms of malware (malicious software) from pcs and laptops and are authorised partners for ESET Nod 32 antivirus solutions.

Viruses and spyware can account for a large percentage of the problems that people have with their computer equipment. Often people will buy a new pc because they feel that their old one has become very slow. This can be caused by a number of different malicious programs running in the background using up the computer's processing power. By removing the malicious software a pc can be restored to its proper running speed for a fraction of the cost of replacing the computer with a new one.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted some files on a disk or have reformatted your computer's hard disk we may still be able to recover your data for you provided it has not been overwritten by some other data.

It is therefore very important that you do not use the computer for any purpose whatsoever after you suspect data has been deleted until we have had a chance to recover the data. In many cases at least some of the data may be recoverable. If we can't recover any lost files there is no charge.

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Data Transfer & Backup

External Hard Drive
If you need your data transferred onto a new pc from an old one or would like to be able to backup your data securely and easily then we can provide the solutions for you. We also supply various sizes of external hard disks and tape backup drives and any backup software that you may need. We can also setup an online backup service for you.

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Office or Home Computer and Network Setup

If you have more than one computer there are many benefits to setting up a network in your home or office:

  • By using a network you can maximise the usage of your Broadband Internet connection by making the same connection available to all the PCs in your network without having to pay for additional broadband subscriptions.
  • You can share valuable resources such as printers and scanners across your network . This means that all the computers on the network can use the one printer. You do not have to buy a seperate printer for each PC.
  • Important data can be stored in one central location so that it can be accessed and updated easily by staff. This makes the process of backing up your data (which is extremely important), a simple task.
  • Access to particular data can be restricted to only those members of staff who are supposed to have access, while still allowing other members of staff access to other resources.
  • You can enable your staff to access their computers remotely either from home or even when on holidays abroad via the Internet.
If you would like to setup a network in your office or home please feel free to call us. We would be happy to advise you as to your particular requirements. We can also supply and install all the neccessary equipment from the network components to the computers, printers, backup storage and any other equipment you may require.
For more information please feel free to call us on 051 - 347298 or 087 7447391 or email us 

Custom Computer Builds and Upgrades

Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case

If you are a big gaming fan then you want a PC that allows you to enjoy your games the way they are meant to be played - at their best! Or perhaps you need a Digital Audio Workstation or a Video Editing/3D Modelling Workstation with multiple displays and fast reliable storage.

We can custom build a PC to meet your requirements and budget and can advise you as to what hardware you might need such as Graphics cards, Monitors, Processors, Power supplies, RAM, Cases, Storage etc..

We don't try to oversell equipment to our customers - we try to suit the computer to the users needs based on their actual requirements and their budget rather than trying to sell them something they don't need.

If you would like to talk to us about building a PC for you please feel free to call us on 051 - 347298 or 087 7447391 or email us